This service is offered to UNEC Cyber Community & Oksana Studios Advertisers.

Our standard calendars are designed in the outlined format below. We print it for you and do not charge you for the design. Card stock paper & color laser toner are utilized. These are shopping items and can be bought now.

Custom calendars are available upon request. A Custom calendar can include your immediate family's birthdays/anniversary and 12 photos (1 for each page). This is not a shopping cart item. Use the Contact page for your instructions and your contact info. You will receive an estimate by phone or email. Upon agreement, a bill will be emailed to you.

Tabloid Size Calendar Sample


Per calendar page: $2 per page Standard Size (8 1/2" x 11") or
$3 Tabloid Size (11"x17")

When you place items in your shopping cart, you will have to add the shipping cost at checkout. If the amounts are not correct, your payment will not be accepted and it will void your purchase.

Available Calendars
Standard Size
You can only add your personal occasions to this calendar. See Other cost below.
1 month - both sides, 6 pages @$2 per page
For S&H please add $3.50 per 6 pages
6 months - full and unfolded, 1 page, both sides
For S&H please add $1.50 per page
Tabloid Size
You can add your personal occasions and photos to this calendar. See Other cost below.
Yearly - 12 months on 1 side, 1 page
For S&H please add $1.75 per page
6 months on 1 side and 6 months on the other side, 1 page
For S&H please add $1.75 per page
Quarter page size
This size is a half a page. It is folded in half making it a quarter size. Half page folded in half displays 6 months on front side and 6 months on other side. The inside displays Holidays and Lines so that you can write your occasions or some important appointments.
Yearly - 6 months each side
For S&H please add $.40 per calendar
Other cost
Adding personal occasions to your calendar is an additional $1 per occasion.
When the shopping cart asks you
for the quantity, type in how many occasions you want. 12 photos are $12.
Contact after you paid for your occasions or your total order and provide the occasions.


CALENDARS FOR SALE - Monthly is displayed
View another: Tabloid Size Calendar Sample


SAMPLE - Actual Calendar has moon days displayed.




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