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Designed Ad and Page Layouts:
for any type of business or service that advertises in Oksana Studios or UNEC Cyber Community. . .
Oksana Studios will design any of the below: Our Standard Rates for any design applies as shown. Any change to the design is $50 per hour billed in 15 minute increments.
   Ads for Newspaper, Magazine, etc $150
   Booklets $150
   Brochures $75
   CD & Cassette Covers $75
   Flyers $75
   Forms $99
   Mailing Labels (includes 10 sheets) $75
   Menus $99
   Newsletter $99
   Packaging (package design) $99
   Product Labels for package, bottles, etc. $75
   Website Design and Other (ask on the Contact page)
See Web Site Designs

Just provide us with all the information you want, including a picture of your logo and/or product. Your photos can be emailed or mail to us. Be sure to attach only one photo per email and make sure you type the name of the photo in the first line of the body of your email. Include your contact info. If you mail your photos to Oksana Studios, the pictures are scanned and if necessary, edited. The photo work is done first so that it can be incorporated into the design of the above services.

A scanning service is also provided for clients who would like their pictures edited so that they can be used online or on any document. See Scan/Edit service for cost of scans.

Oksana Studios offers in-house Printing. If interested, please contact us.


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