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Oksana Studios provides services to subscribers of Art WorldArt Gallery ( ), EayOK Hosting Services ( & some services in, EayOK Hosting ( and UNEC Cyber Community ( ), a Community of Businesses & Services in:

  1. Haverhill, MA Area (Bradford, Boxford, Byfield, Georgetown, Groveland, Haverhill, Ipswich, Rowley, West Newbury)

  2. Plaistow, NH Area (Atkinson, Danville, East Kingston, East Hampstead, Hampstead, Kingston, Newton, Plaistow, Sandown)

  3. Salisbury, MA Area (Amesbury, Merrimac, Salisbury, Salisbury Beach)

  4. Hampton, NH Area (Exeter, Hampton, Hampton Beach, North Hampton, South Hampton, Seabrook)

Oksana Studios specializes in Commercial Art for the Web, Newspaper Ads, Flyers/Posters, Product Labeling, Direct mail, etc.  Included are Computer or Hand Drawn Illustration Designs for Logos, Forms, Landscape and anything you can think of. The printing department is now open for business with a color laser printer offering pages up to 12" x 18" printed on one or both sides for your printing needs.

Illustrations (any media) and Portrait Paintings in Oils or Acrylics are also provided through the use of your 35mm photo.


Oksana Studios Services
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For a Business Greeting Cards Software *
- Ads
- Business Cards
- Brochures, Booklets
- Envelopes
- Flyers
- Forms
- Labels, Address
- Labels, Cassette & CD
- Labels, Product
- Logo
- Letterhead
- Website Design
- Anniversary
- Birthday
- Calendar
- Christmas
- Congratulations
- Get Well
- Invitation
- Sympathy
- Thanksgiving
- Thank You
- Welcome

Businesses and Individuals:
Teaching the software basics for Business Applications & Desktop Publishing

Servicing Salisbury, Merrimac, Amesbury, Haverhill, MA/Plaistow, NH & Exeter, NH
- Microsoft FrontPage, Word, Excel & Powerpoint
- Adobe Photoshop & PageMaker
- CorelDRAW
- Online/Web Experience


Website Design - Welcome

  Contact by email:

* No qualification is needed for any person or business in the 4 Areas of UNEC Cyber Community for Software Lessons


bullet Designing ad and page layouts for any type of advertisement be it direct mail, flyers, brochures, packaging, labels, menus, CD & cassette covers or newspaper ads for any type of business. Ads, Direct Mail, etc
bullet Design Logo for any type of Business or Service.  Just present what you have in mind or the determination will be made by Oksana Studios. Logos
bullet Landscape Design for your property is done in picture format using Photoshop and/or Picture Publisher Software. Landscape Design
bullet Scanning and editing any current picture files for your personal or business usage, be it on the web or for your documents. Scan/Photo Edit
bullet  Illustrations including fashion illustrations are drawn and/or painted in
ink, pastels, acrylics or oils.
bullet Printing service in full color on laser printer. The size is up to 11" x 17" - limited amount of production to be determined. This will be good for flyers, 3 & 4 panel brochures, menus, cards, address labels, custom colored business cards etc. Printing

To Qualify for All Oksana Studios Services


Businesses must be local in UNEC's 4 Areas and and have a paid Listing:
 If you would like to be listed for only $1 per month in UNEC and have all our services available to you, click
UNEC Ad Dep't.


Non-local Businesses must advertise in UNEC Cyber Community:
Running an Ad in UNEC is most affordable. Ads start at $3 per month for a classified Ad in Business Classifieds.
UNEC Ad Dep't
for types of advertising.


Individuals, Businesses who are a client in one of Oksana Studios other web sites:
Web Hosting with It's EayOK, EayOK Hosting on the Net, EayOK Hosting & More, EayOK E-Mail Services, etc.



Oksana Studios, Subsidiaries

UNEC Cyber Community -
A Community of Businesses & Services in the Upper New England Coast Areas of: Plaistow, NH & Haverhill, MA & Exeter/Hampton, NH & Salisbury, MA with surrounding cities & towns.

Art WorldArt Art Gallery -
A Community of Artists selling: Art, Crafts, Photography - in the works!

EayOK Web Site Hosting and/or Web Design:
EayOK Services
- your One Stop Shop for Hosting.
EayOK Hosting & More - self sufficient, affordable, includes access to MembersOnly (tons of info and software).
EayOK - E-Mail, E-Mail with Hosting and Software Services.
It's EayOK - 24/7 Support, huge space & bandwidth, make money hosting 3, 30 or unlimited domains.


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