The "After" of Before and After

 Photo After
The resolution of the picture was reduced so-as-to reduce the time it takes for slower computers to upload this picture.
The purpose of the designed landscape is meant to be used as a "sample" of plantings and construction so-as-to give a client an idea of what might be some visual choices in plants, shrubs, trees, etc. It is by no means a true photograph for the "After" effect on this page that displays the "Photo After." The difference is: A true photo is taken with a camera and the designed photo has the items superimposed (or placed on the photo) like artwork and not photography.
1pool3.jpg (29847 bytes)
This edited picture has 7 sections (left back, left front, right back, right front, pool area, back fence (surrounds the yard) & front fountain). This ONE photo Design cost the owner $245 ($35 per designed section) for the seven sections to the area. Though the fountain is part of the front design, a front design consists of plants, shrubs, flowers, mulch or any kind of ground cover. So, the fountain is an extra feature that this client wanted and is therefore considered a "section." Most property owners don't have such an elaborate design and require just 2 sections.

In essence, the areas to a design is: Left front, Left back, Right front, Right back, Right side, Left side.
Additional sections are: Fountain, Pond, Island (an island breaks up the monotony of a large yard of just grass), Fence, Rock Wall, etc.
We throw in free accessories such as lawn chairs and lights, etc.

If a client wanted to do just the immediate front of a house, there would two sections (right front and left front). A sidewalk with or without steps is a separate section unless the customer already has a sidewalk and it's in his "Before" photo. A customer must specify which section (s) he/she wants.

The WHOLE front of a house would have areas of a large design.

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