Logo Design


This service is available to Businesses or Services that are LISTED and/or have Ad space in UNEC Cyber Community or on this site.

Logo Design
Not a problem if you do not have a logo. We'll design one for you.

Logo cost is $125.  Your logo will be emailed to you and includes your design in one or more picture formats (see below).  You will be able to save it to your hard drive and use it however you wish. USPS mailing is available upon request on a floppy with applicable charges.


FULL color logo design.


View your logo on a web page.


Specific sizing provided per request.


Supplied in GIF, TIF, JPG, BMP, file formats.


Design developed in 3 days.


4 alterations to your logo design while in the development stage. Any editing beyond the allowed 4 alterations will be $50 per hour.


Consisting of 4 different logo variations to choose from.

A letterhead design is an additional $25 which includes your mailing address, phone/fax numbers and an email/URL address. 

If you have a logo and you would like to have it edited or changed a bit, the rate is $50 per hour.  Minimum is 15 minutes ($12.50). Many designed logos only need minor alteration.

Oksana Studios, Advertising, Imaging & Design - UNEC Cyber Community - Art WorldArt Gallery are a few samples and can be seen on this page and mostly every page in oksana-studios.com. Click Logo Samples to see more.


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