Oksana Studios Policy -Terms & Conditions
Oksana Studios is also known as Oksana Studios, Advertising, Imaging & Design - oksana-studios.com, also referenced as we, us, our.  Any and all clients/customers or possible clients or visitors of Oksana Studios will be referred to as "client, our client, our clients, client's, they, visitor, one, customer (s), you and yours" or any form there-of throughout oksana-studios.com and anything that Oksana Studios owns in-so-far-as web sites and it's services. Art WorldArt Gallery/artwroldart.com, UNEC Cyber Community/unec.net and Shonya's/shonyas.com are properties of Oksana Studios.  We do not control what goes on the internet and therefore are not responsible for any damage one may sustain while using any part of Oksana Studios web pages. We exercise caution, use virus protection and so should you. We only provide information. If the information we provide is any one of our client's/customer's, it is information that they have provided us and we relinquish responsibility as-to the accuracy or misleading statements, if any. If using Oksana Studios other properties, read what pertains to Legal or Policy or Terms & Conditions on those sites.

In addition to what you have read in Legal and all the service pages: Ads, Direct Mail, etc  Calendars  Cards (Business, etc)  Landscape Design  Logos  Illustrations  Scan/Photo Edit  PrintingSoftware Teaching Services which also describe some terms, the following terms also apply:

All pages describing our services and the cost of that service is as-is and we reserve the right to change any and all information at any time without personal notice. We feel that you should check out the costs on the day that you contact Oksana Studios by mail, email or phone and print out your own copy of that service page you are ordering/inquiring for a possible service to you. It must be printed from your browser in order to reveal the date on the bottom of a page (s) you are printing. Our "notice" of any change is publicly displayed on our web site with or without the use of the word "notice or notice of change." 

List of Clients/Customers and Info
and Info
Oksana Studios will list you, your business or service on our site, for our records and yours, as one of our clients (customers) along with your phone number, the type of service we provided you, the date it was provided and "paid" or the "amount owed" will also be displayed. If you have an email address, an ad online or your own URL, we will link your name or business to that area for $5 per month prepaid for 12 months. Tell us which one you want linked. The link is free if your ad is in UNEC (UNEC Cyber Community - unec.net), Art WorldArt Gallery or Oksana Studios (oksana-studios.com).

Payment for Service
Once you decide that you want us to do a particular service for you, full prepayment as stated in our services or from an estimate we gave you by
email, phone or mail, must be made to Oksana Studios before the completion of our work for you. Any changes you may want to the service we provide you will be an additional cost and paid immediately upon completion. We cannot spend time on your project (our service) in the hopes of getting paid. We must receive prepayment from you. There are no refunds. The order form is your order, your record and our record.  We want to avoid sending bills. However, we may contact you as-to any amount you may still owe us.

Should you agree to all of the above, proceed to the Order Form


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