Software Teaching Services

Offering Businesses and Individuals:
Teaching the Software Basics for Business Applications & Desktop Publishing

- Microsoft's FrontPage, Word, Excel & Powerpoint
- Adobe Photoshop & PageMaker
- CorelDRAW
- Intro to the Internet
- Getting around in Windows Environment

  Contact by email: for inquiries


There are several options for learning the basics in Business Applications or Desktop Publishing.

Teaching Services offered for:

Individuals in home environment - $35 per hour


Your staff at your Business location - $45 per hour (group of 2 to 5 people)

At Oksana Studios - $25 per hour, per person (currently unavailable)

The time involved depends on the individual or business. Staff software education will be taught at the business premises. Individual learning has more choices: in your home, at your business or at Oksana Studios.

  Individual and staff learning at your home or business must have a computer per person being taught. Software must already be installed or have it ready to be installed. Oksana Studios does not sell software.  Limit is 1 - 5 students per class. Must have an ISP (Internet Service Provider) account setup for Intro to the Internet.
  Individual learning is provided
at Oksana Studios and lessons are given using Oksana Studios' software. The only requirement is your presence.
Currently, all time is taken, please check back here again as it will be posted.

Lessons will only be provided depending on the availability of time. Email
 to arrange the dates. Please provide your name, address (no PO Box number) and phone number along with the date and place you would like to begin. You will be contacted ASAP. 
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